Bridging is a non-profit 501(c)(3), operating 50,000 square feet of warehouse in Bloomington and Roseville and provides service to a 7-county area.  Bridging serves approximately 80 households a week and operates with a small paid staff of employees. We rely upon nearly 6,000 individual and group volunteers who donate over 84,000 hours annually.


Bridging is environmentally friendly, recycling over 100,000 items annually. This year, we will give away more than $11M in merchandise based on IRS fair market value. Each household receives an average of $1,800 in furniture and household goods during their visit. In order to adequately meet the needs of our clients, we need 14 semi-loads of furniture and housewares donated each week.

Our funding is provided by private donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, churches and civic organizations. 

How did Bridging Begin?

In 1987 our Founding Director, Fran Heitzman, was the custodian at Pax Christi Church in Eden Prairie.  A woman brought in a piece of furniture and asked Fran if he could use it at the church.  Fran said no, but he was sure he could find a home for it.  He called a social service agency that definitely wanted the donation.  Fran thought "that was easy, let's take things people no longer need ad give it to those who need it!" - thus bridging the gap between those who have and those who have not.

How do Clients Come to Bridging?

We rely upon our community partner’s knowledge of the client and their situation.  All of our clients come to us through referrals from over 150 social service agencies, non-profit organizations and churches. Referring agencies work individually with the clients and verify there is a need for furniture and household goods. This step is crucial, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our clients.