11,720 Reasons To Be Bouncing On The Bed!

03/22/2019 by Diana Dalsin

On March 12, the 8th Annual Coldwell Banker Burnet Pillow Fight Challenge wrapped up and astounded Bridging once again!

Over the past month, more than 20 Coldwell Banker Burnet (CBB) offices battled it out and let the feathers and fluff fly! In the end, between pillows collected and funds raised for pillow purchases, they donated 11,720 pillows to Bridging this year alone. Since they began in 2012, they have donated a grand total of 65,946 pillows to Bridging. We can’t imagine what would do without this annual event and support from the CBB team.

What does a “garage o’pillows” look like?!

While some offices prefer to reach their goal through donating designated dollars for pillows, others choose to challenge their team and community to bring in pillows and create a giant pile! Quite the visual (picture above.) The “Pillow Queen,” Sara Nielsen, has continued to inspire and challenge the Hudson team over the last eight years. In fact, she is often plotting months in advance!

Sara says she really took Founder Fran Heitzman and Community Relations Manager Diana Dalsin’s words to heart back in 2012. At the time, Bridging was able to give away just one pillow for every two people.

“I’m not gonna lie,” says Sara. “It initially started out as ‘we want to beat all the other offices’ … but a lot of times you take for granted what you have and a pillow is something so basic. It’s absurd that every person doesn’t have one!”

Because of the efforts of Coldwell Banker Burnet, today Bridging is able to offer a pillow for every person in a client’s household. But it’s about so much more than that. It’s also about outreach and getting the word out to people about what Bridging does, and who it serves.

“It’s incredible how our (CBB) clients, friends and families get into it as much as we do. Many [of those who now donate] had no idea what Bridging did for the community until they helped us in the Pillow Fight…it’s a win in so many different ways!”

“I can’t imagine going to bed at night without a pillow and no one should! It’s always interesting during the Pillow Fight when people bring in a couple pillows and say, ‘it’s all I could afford’ and I tell them ‘But you’ve helped X number of people with your donation and that’s HUGE!’ The look on their face when they look at it from that perspective is amazing.”

Special thanks to our longtime partner:

Coldwell Banker Burnet Foundation is the charitable arm of Coldwell Banker Burnet and a local chapter of the Realogy Charitable Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Coldwell Banker Burnet Foundation’s mission is to support housing-related needs of people at all stages of life in the communities they serve. To learn more about the Coldwell Banker Burnet Foundation visit CBBurnetGives.org.

Read more about the efforts of the Hudson office:

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DID YOU KNOW? April 6, 2019, is National Pillow Fight Day. Grab your pillow and have some fun!

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