A Shared Commitment to the Community Keeps Slumberland Partnership Strong

09/17/2019 by Mark Wilkening
by Mark Wilkening, Bridging Executive Director

There are some partnerships you just can’t help but celebrate. At Bridging, we strive to meet several core values, among them is collaboration. Collaboration is defined as working with another person or group to achieve an outcome. But to Bridging, collaboration is so much more than that. It is not just a goal, it is an imperative. We must have numerous committed partners (both individual and organizational) in our community to assist us in our important work of Furnishing Homes with Hope.

For more than 30 years, Slumberland Furniture has exceeded our standards for collaboration. We are honored to have them as one of our top partners, committed to our shared vision:

The relentless pursuit to ensure that everyone in our community has a bed—that no one has to sleep on the floor.

Slumberland Founder Ken Larson and Bridging Founder Fran Heitzman share a special bond of serving our community and improving lives through furniture. It was a natural fit for them to team up to repurpose quality furniture that would otherwise be discarded, in order to furnish the homes of those transitioning to housing stability. This is how the relationship began. Through the years, it has evolved into so much more.

At Bridging, we highlight three main areas of engagement opportunities:

  • Donate Your Stuff (Quality furniture and household goods)
  • Donate Your Time (Volunteers)
  • Donate Your Money (Financial support)

In regard to Slumberland’s engagement, I say, “Check, check and check!”

Slumberland truly embodies the type of holistic support that brings so much benefit to Bridging, thus the individuals and families whom we are privileged to serve.

  • Slumberland has supported Bridging through countless event sponsorships and generous financial gifts.
  • Scores of Slumberland employees have donated their time to volunteer – both individually and in groups – to serve at our locations.
  • Slumberland has hosted product drives at their store locations and in the community to help us stock our warehouses. The entire delivery team at Slumberland has gone through a Bridging orientation and training so that they can better understand our work and needs in order to maximize the amount of donations we receive from Slumberland customers.

Reciprocally, Bridging partners with Slumberland’s 40 Winks Foundation and their annual Homes for the Holidays event that focuses on providing new beds to children sleeping on the floor, helping them achieve their potential by getting a good nights sleep.

Want to join Slumberland as a Bridging partner?

We are truly honored that Slumberland is the Presenting Sponsor of this year’s Annual Gala for Bridging and that Ken and Barb Larson will be serving as the Honorary Chairs for the event. We invite you to join Ken and Barb and 500 other amazing fans of Bridging on Friday, October 11, 2019 at the Hilton Minneapolis as we share the stories of impact, helped made possible in part through this extraordinary partnership.

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