A Simple Goal: A Dresser Per Bedroom

11/01/2017 by Rebecca Toews


Because dressers provide additional storage space in the home, many people move unused dressers to garages or basements, as opposed to donating them. For this reason, Bridging rarely receives enough donated dressers for our clients’ needs.

In 2011 Bridging addressed this challenge by implementing a Dresser Sponsorship Program. Organizations can purchase ready to assemble dressers for $95.00 each, build them in teams, and donate them to Bridging. This popular team building activity has experienced steady growth, and in early 2016, we were able to increase the number of dressers our clients receive to three for families of seven, or more. This program provided an additional 1,800 dressers to clients transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.

The long-term goal of the Dresser Build Program is to provide a dresser per bedroom for each client household within the next several years. Prior to implementing the Dresser Build Program, Bridging was only able to provide one dresser per household, which was woefully inadequate, particularly for the larger families who were coming through our doors. In 2014, we were able to provide two dressers to families of five or more, and beginning this spring, three dressers to families of seven, or more.

Dependent on the growth of this program, we will strategically plan to provide additional dressers when we are able to guarantee consistent inventory, until we reach the goal of one dresser per bedroom for each client household.

Since the program launched in 2011, Bridging has provided more than 10,000 new and responded dressers to households in need!

Ready to sponsor a build? Learn more about this program in our Bridging Dresser Build Guide and contact Lee Phillips to get more information (651.403.6872)

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