Got 3 Lamps? Give 2 Away!

11/28/2017 by Rebecca Toews

When you think about how many lamps are in your home, or how important adequate lighting is to work in the kitchen, for kids to to homework, and for any number of regular household tasks, two lamps per home is a very modest goal!

That’s what we’re aiming for at Bridging.

But do the math: Each week, Bridging provides 85 homes with quality household goods and furnishing. That means, Bridging needs more than 170 lamps to give to our clients.

Each lamp that comes into our warehouse is tested, cleaned and prepared for our clients so that they know that when they receive their item, they can set up their house and not have to worry about whether the items will work.

So take Fran’s advice, “If you have three lamps, give two away!”

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