7 Ways You Can Rock the Bedrace as a Fundraiser!

02/11/2019 by Cathy Berg

How can you have an absolute blast, but also help those in need? Jump on a bed and join the race on March 9, 2019, at the Subway Bedrace® for Bridging!

It’s hard to believe that racing down Buck Hill on a queen-sized mattress, dressed in fun costumes, can have a life-changing impact on thousands at Bridging. But it’s true.

Organizing or joining a team for the Bedrace is a fun and unique experience. Plus, there’s a bonus! You also get to be a Champion for Bridging and support Minnesotans transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. By raising funds, you are helping Bridging provide a basic home essential package of furniture and housewares to more than 4,500 households each year. Every dollar raised makes an impact on our ability to serve the mission at Bridging!


Do some extreme FUN-raising for Bridging and earn amazing incentive prizes! Wait, what?!  Nobody said there would be prizes! Oh yes, there are prizes!  Socks, hats and jackets, oh my! And, we can’t forget about the cool new Bedrace Buffs (think Survivor!)  Click here to check out all the goodies you can win. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that you are helping people get a fresh start!


Fundraising isn’t about asking for money. We know it can seem kind of daunting when you start.  It is really more about asking your friends and family to join you in supporting a mission that is near and dear to your heart!

As the special events coordinator, I get a lot of calls and emails from racers wondering how their teams can raise money, support the Bridging mission, plus earn those great prizes?  Here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Connect with family and friends and ask for their support. Share your story and tell everyone why you support Bridging and how they can help you. Send emails, text messages and share your story at parties, get-togethers, church, social clubs or your place of business. Send them the link to your personal fundraising page.
  2. After you register, set up your personal fundraising page and customize it! Make it fun! Add pics, videos and your personal story about why you’re in the Bedrace.
  3. Sell baked goods, arts and craft items and other goodies at your place of business for a donation. Make some flyers and let people know in advance so they are ready to shop.
  4. Share the Bridging Lives We Touch stories. Let people know about all the good things happening every day at Bridging. Tell them about all the people who need our help.
  5. Set mini goals. How many people do you want to reach out to each week?  Decide how much money you want to raise – then divide that number by the number of weeks you have. Want to raise $100 over four weeks?  That is only $25 per week!
  6. Just do it! There’s no time like the present. Once you start, you’ll find it’s fun and rewarding. And, you’re going to feel good once you see the funds rolling in for your team.
  7. Bonus: Don’t forget you’ll earn cool incentives for all your fundraising efforts. Check out these incentives you can receive.

You are now well on your way to becoming a financial champion for Bridging!

Good luck – Cathy Berg, Bridging Special Events Coordinator


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