20 Questions with Ruth B.

02/25/2019 by Rebecca Toews

I remember my first volunteer experience like it was yesterday. I walked into Bridging, feeling a sense that I needed something more in my life. I had just had a conversation with my mom and dad about it. Both of my parents have the biggest hearts and are my inspiration, and my mom encouraged me to spend some time volunteering. “Go out and you serve others!” she said. “If you can do that, you can get to a better place for yourself, and for those you are serving!”

That’s when I thought about a professor I had at Normandale Community College. He had talked about the work that Bridging did in the community, furnishing homes for people transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. So I thought I would give Bridging a shot, and it changed the course of my life.

I remember how the volunteer coordinator at the time made me feel that day.

I felt special and that I was in the right place! We loaded trucks for clients, and I loved working with the warehouse crew. Eventually, I started going out with them to pick up furniture from donors– I was so excited to be able to do something for someone else that mattered.

Fast forward 5 years later, and I still feel this deep connection to Bridging’s mission. I get to take care of clients by making sure the people who help those clients are happy and taken care of, too! Every day here there is a special moment. I love when someone tells me about their grand kids, their life, or a special client they helped find essential furniture and household items. I get to tell groups from all over the Twin Cities about Bridging, and they go home (exhausted because we work them hard!) and tell their friends and neighbors. They are excited about the mission, and about who they helped.

I have found my sense of purpose at Bridging.

I am excited to learn and grow with this community, and I feel inspired every day by the people I meet. Bridging helped me understand my calling to be in the nonprofit world; I know that this is where I am supposed to be!



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