Give It UP: Finding the Joy in Downsizing

11/20/2019 by Rebecca Toews

Whether downsizing from a single-family home to a condo, moving a parent into a living facility, or finding new homes for items after the death of a family member or friend, Bridging relies on individuals to donate their quality used furniture and housewares to us so that we can complete our mission to FURNISH HOMES WITH HOPE. One organization that partners wonderfully with Bridging is Gentle Transitions Special Relocation Services. They are a perfect example of how “the lives we touch” also touch other people’s lives.

“Bill and I have owned Gentle Transitions for 17+ years and to be honest, I can’t remember when we didn’t partner with Bridging.” says Diane Bjorkman, co-owner of Gentle Transitions Special Relocation Services. “Letting go of a lifetime of furniture, collections, heirlooms, etc. can be traumatic for many people. Many are moving to a smaller space than the residence that they are leaving, some moving by choice, some by necessity.”

Gentle Transitions clients who donate to Bridging say they are often looking for an alternative donation site that gives back to the community, so they can feel positive about letting go of their cherished possessions.

Gentle Transitions Move Managers love to share the Bridging mission with their clients.

“We had a client who was heartbroken to part with a family dining table set that she had many memories of family dinners and celebrations,” says one move manager. “As I always do, I educated her on Bridging and literally saw her emotions and facial expression change.  About two weeks later, a Bridging truck came to retrieve her furniture. I was thrilled that she had a smile on her face as the truck drove away. I feel like Bridging is my “go-to” resource for every client I work with.”

Bridging relies on these great partnerships to get the word out about what we do and how we do it so that our individual donors can easily and joyfully donate the items they no longer need and give them to those who do need them.

Gentle Transitions has been powerful voice in spreading the word to the Boomers. Bridging is honored to have partnered with them for more than a decade!

“As the generation of Baby Boomers transitions into smaller homes, they have a strong desire to ‘reuse and repurpose,’” says Bjorkman. “We find that many of them end up giving even more than they were going to get rid of when they learn of Bridging’s mission and those they serve.”

“Not too long ago, I was working with a widower who had lost his wife many years ago,” says another move manager. “He was moving to a smaller space and had so many kitchen items and small appliances that were not going to fit in his new studio apartment. It truly created a dilemma for him until he learned of Bridging.  Our employees boxed up his items and dropped them off to Bridging days later. He was so happy to see them going to good use.”

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