The Lives We Touch: Scott’s Story

01/10/2018 by Rebecca Toews

“I cannot tell you how many times in the last four years that I would lie in my car, and hope that I would fall asleep and never wake up again.”

Four years ago Scott was injured on the job. He broke his back, along with other injuries. After spending so many hopeless nights on the street, Scott, a Gulf War veteran, contacted his VA liaison officer, who helped him find an apartment, and finally Bridging. Scott has been in his new apartment since November, 2016, the furniture he received from Bridging helped him get a new start.

“After 19 years with my company, I never thought this would be me. I never thought I would have to liquidate everything I worked my whole life for.”

After his injury, Scott struggled to make house and car payments, he was able to hold on for two years, but then his savings ran out and he didn’t feel he could burden his family with his money problems.

“After everything I’ve been through, I know there is humanity out there… and when all of this horrible stuff happens, this [Bridging] is just one thing that shows me that there is good out there.”

Today, he is enjoying a cup of coffee, made in his own coffee maker, just one of the new “luxuries” he says he is truly thankful for.

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