Our Clients Speak Volumes!

04/12/2019 by Rebecca Toews

How We’re Doing: What Clients Have To Say

The most valuable opinions we ever hear are those from clients who shop at Bridging. That is why we ask our clients how we’re doing. The survey provides an opportunity for clients to let us know how the shopping visit was, and whether the items received had a positive impact on their lives. It also gives an opportunity for clients to share additional information related to their time at Bridging.

Here is what they have to tell us:


At Bridging, our staff and volunteers strive to create a welcoming environment and enjoyable shopping visit. It seems our clients have noticed! On a 5-point scale, more than 90% of clients stated that the following statements were either “somewhat true (4)” or “very true (5)”:

“I felt welcomed, I was treated with dignity and respect, I was satisfied with the delivery/pick-up of my items, the items I received were of good quality, I was satisfied with my experience.”


Clients report that a visit to Bridging can assist in improving sleep, reducing stress, and strengthening social connections. More than 90% of respondents marked the following statements “Somewhat true (4)” or “very true (5)”:

Bridging furniture and household goods …
• Improved my physical comfort in my home (95.7%)
• Made my house/apartment a home (95.7%)
• Improved my sleep and/or my children’s sleep (90.2%)
• Gave me a sense of pride in my home (95.7%)
• Allowed me to invite and welcome guests into my home (92.4%)
• Gave me a sense of stability (95.7%)
• Reduced my stress (94.0%)
• Made life easier (94.0%)


We are in the business of moving furniture, so, of course there are items that sometimes get bumped or broken in transit. Occasionally, clients report missing or broken items through the survey; when this happens we reach out to the clients if we have their contact information and work with them to find a good solution. We are happy to make things right so clients have everything they need.


Percentages and graphs all fall a little flat when truly understanding the impact a shopping visit to Bridging can make. Clients who have shopped at Bridging say it best:

“My experience was Amazing! The hosts were so supportive and kind. The process went smooth and everything was well organized. I got the most beautiful furniture and household items. I felt so good fixing my home and I’m still in shock that I have everything that I need. Bridging provided everything and more for my new home. I will forever be grateful.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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