The Lives We Touch: Brad’s Story

04/23/2019 by Rebecca Toews

Brad Richter grew up in Fridley, MN and graduated from the University of Minnesota.

After spending 35 years in the financial services sector, he says his life took a turn and he wound up serving a 60-month sentence with the MN Department of Corrections.

“When I was released, I was able to start off on the right foot because I was able to use my time to better myself, but I still left prison with nothing. I didn’t want to have people come visit me, I didn’t want to be at home. Bridging helped give me the peace of mind to be able to entertain people again!”

From client, to Bridging staff member, Brad’s life is now one of service. While in transition, he has helped countless individuals navigate the system. He has become familiar with the processes, how to connect people to housing and employment, and is a Life Advocate with UpWorks, a nonprofit that helps people receive mentorship and support on their life journey. Brad has worked hard to give back and be a contributing member to society– beginning in August, 2020 he will be off all restrictions.

Brad’s story is unique, but it is not isolated, he says.

“Anyone can have their life fall apart; I want to be there to help people put things back together.”

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