The Lives We Touch: Cynthia’s Story

07/02/2019 by Rebecca Toews

“My name is Cynthia, but you can call me Squirrel.”

Squirrel was referred to Bridging by Radias Health—she had been homeless for the last three years after her friend passed away. She says she spent many nights at a local grocery store coloring her elaborate paisley designs, and the employees there always took good care of her.

“I’d fall asleep at the table, and when I woke up, I’d find a warm plate in front of me, and the things I had were tucked safely around me. They would let me stay there until closing time.”

But closing time meant more instability for Squirrel as she then had to go outside to spend the rest of the night. Squirrel struggles with river blindness, which complicates her health and makes it extremely painful to be outside in the elements.

“I’ve been sick for so long I can’t do that anymore. My health doesn’t let me do that anymore.”

It was an observant St. Paul Police officer who recognized Squirrel’s struggle and gave her a voucher for an area shelter. They found her stable, secure housing, a roof over her head, with an air conditioner to keep her cool from the elements.

“I have prayed to the creator for two years to end my suffering. I know he will take me when it’s time, but I’m still here, and I’m still laughing.”

Now, she says the furniture she received from Bridging will help her start her new life.

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