The Lives We Touch: Erica’s Story

11/21/2017 by Rebecca Toews

“Chasing the dream” is how Erica describes her life today, but that dream seemed pretty far off to a 14-year old who just found out she was pregnant. In a short time, she would have to drop out of school, she would lose her home as her mother battled drug addiction and the family would soon be living in a shelter. After several months working at a local fast food chain Erica found herself an apartment, with nothing else inside.

“I did everything I could to provide for my son… Bridging helped me save for our future.”

When Erica’s social worker introduced her to Bridging, she received a bed, sofa, dishes, a table, a dresser and so much more. She received stability and a chance to get a fresh start for her new family. Today, she has obtained her college degree and runs a small business. Her son just graduated from high school and last year she was able to give back through volunteering at Bridging.

“Never in a million years did I think I’d be on the opposite side of the fence. From struggling as a teen mom sleeping on the floor, to receiving furniture from Bridging, to opening up a business and volunteering at Bridging. Wow! – things have changed. I never forgot how Bridging helped me in my time of need.”

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