The Lives We Touch: Making Home Happen

10/26/2018 by Rebecca Toews

“It’s really defeating, and it can really chip away at you. For the first few weeks after I came home I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and my son was sitting on the floor, and literally his table was a step stool.”

Nicole B. knows firsthand what it is like to start over and rebuild a life. When she got out of treatment, she needed to have a safe space for her son, Grayson, to come home to.

“You’re working so hard to put your life back together. And though my poor choices brought me to that place, that’s not who I am, that’s what I did.”

Her case manager referred her to Bridging, and she was able to choose the items she needed so that she could begin the process of bringing Grayson back home to live with her, for good. After her shopping experience at Bridging, she says she has a newfound appreciation for the little things!

“All of a sudden you get to choose where you want to put things, and how you’re going to organize it, and you’re washing your dishes, and cleaning your linens. Instead of being hassled by all of that, I’m excited and thrilled and blessed that I get the trouble to have to do that. It feels great. Everybody thinks a vacuum is not a big deal. I didn’t have a vacuum for a month, and I was trying to sweep my carpet.”

She says the basic home furnishings she received were far more meaningful than she could have imagined, she is now able to focus on the things that will help her continue her journey of sobriety.

“So for me, now when I come home, I am happy and I don’t have to stress about it. Although my son probably doesn’t know the difference at this point– I know the difference, and he can feel that. He can feel the happiness and the hope and the joy. It’s a gift.” 

In thanks for the items she received, Nicole brought together friends and family for a celebration to welcome Grayson home. They donated their time to Bridging, so their time and talents could help more families.

“Bridging helped me make a home for my son and myself. I’m here because I want to help bring some other kids home, and give families hope and have a home, and for them to be able to have a meal at a table, and come home and smile, and be proud and be happy that however you made it happen, you made this home happen. 


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