The Lives We Touch: Moo Soe’s Story

12/03/2019 by Rebecca Toews

Can you picture moving to a brand new community with young children, one with a serious medical condition, thousands of miles from your support network?

Nine years ago, with help from the United Nations, Ju Lay Htoo, Dah Poe and their children moved to the United States after living in a refugee camp due to unrest in Burma. Their nine-year-old daughter, Moo Soe had been born in the camp but had a heart condition, and she needed treatment that couldn’t be done in Thailand.

This past summer, unfortunate circumstances with their housing forced them to completely abandon their apartment and their furnishings and start all over…again.

But this time, they didn’t have to start over without support.

Their community rallied around them during this crisis by assisting them in finding a referral path to Bridging. We were able to provide the family with everything they needed to furnish their new home.

Moo Soe is now 18 years old. This is her Bridging story.

When my American grandma, Margot, picked us up to go to Bridging, I didn’t know what to expect. Margot and Grandpa Bob (our unofficial “American Grandparents”) had visited our house before we went and took all sort of measurements and notes about the rooms. I thought we might get some basic items like a chair and a lamp.

When we got to Bridging we found out that we were going to pick up a whole houseful of furniture: living room chair and couch, a kitchen table and chairs, dressers and lamps for our bedrooms, and sheets, blankets, towels, silverware, rugs, paintings and lot of other stuff we didn’t have! All of these items were lined up in long rows, and me and my mom got to choose whatever we wanted! The whole shopping experience was almost overwhelming, (especially since my mom likes colorful, flowery things, and I like basic colors!)  I also helped mom pick out the kind of items my sisters and brothers would like.

The next day, our American grandparents brought all of our new furniture to our house in a BIG truck. My mom, dad, brother and sisters, uncles and aunties were all there to help move the belongings up to the second floor, which was a huge job.

Community. We all need it, and we are all part of it. Moo Soe and her family are now looking forward to many other milestones… in a comfortable home.

Thank you for being a part of the Bridging community.

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