The Lives We Touch: Sheelah’s Story

12/12/2017 by Rebecca Toews

When her parents separated, Sheelah’s father and siblings began a cycle of moving from various homes throughout the Twin Cities area. Lacking stability, the family would have to leave furniture with others and be forced to start over.

“My dad was always working, so we didn’t really know how to furnish a house, and I would see friends’ houses, and compared to ours we would have nothing… I would come home and then I would notice that my place was empty.”

While it took some time for Sheelah to accept the help that her caseworker was offering, she decided to come to Bridging to provide for her two young children. Sheelah chose items for her family, from couches, lamps and dressers, down to bedding, dishes, and small appliances. She received all of the items her family needed, and much more.

“Bridging is a way of helping us start our lives. Sometimes we don’t know how a house is supposed to be like. How a homey feel is supposed to be like. Coming home to something like this is so incredible and beneficial. I am so happy, I had this experience… Tears of Joy! Thank you.”

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