The Lives We Touch: Trina’s Story

04/23/2019 by Rebecca Toews

After 25 years of painful struggles, and living in and out of homelessness, Trina wanted so badly to make a change in her life. She says she was not used to being treated like a person. Then she visited Bridging last December.

“It was just like they [Bridging] didn’t make me feel like I was in there coming from the street, or that I needed stuff because I’m less of a person. They didn’t try to offer me stuff just to push me out the door. I got to have all these decisions and choices because they cared about me!”

Each week, we furnish approximately 85 households at Bridging. The clients we serve are individuals and families in our community who are moving through difficult transitions in life; like Trina, a majority of them are coming out of homelessness. We share their stories, but these only scratch the surface of the challenges many have faced just to get to Bridging.

Trina knew that she couldn’t give up on herself. She worked hard to finally find a home. Now she lives in an apartment, furnished with the items she chose and loves. It is a space where her children and grandchild are able to visit her, where she is able to offer hospitality and comfort to her guests.

“That’s beautiful!” she says, “when you’ve been waiting so long to have a home.”

Trina’s Bridging experience has allowed her to feel dignity and respect. When selecting her items at Bridging with her personal shopping volunteer, the volunteer helped Trina select items by letting her know what his family used at his home.

“He was comparing my house to his house; that right there is unity.”

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