How it all began! The Story of Bridging – 32 years and going strong!

07/09/2019 by Diana Dalsin

Happy Birthday Bridging!

It’s official!  As of July 2019, Bridging is 32 years-old and still serving its mission with great enthusiasm each and every day. Thanks to our Founder Fran Heitzman, his incredible vision and passion has driven our community of volunteers, donors and staff for more than thirty years.

How did a church ministry grow in to the largest furniture bank in the United States?

In 1987 Fran Heitzman, a former business owner and entrepreneur, was the custodian at Pax Christi Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

On a whim, a woman brought a piece of furniture to the church and asked Fran if it could be used in the children’s nursery. Fran said no, but he was sure he could find a home for it. He then started making phone calls and found a social service agency that said they would be thrilled to receive the furniture.

That was the moment Bridging was born. Fran thought that if he could find a home for that piece of furniture, then he should be able to find a home for even more furniture – this idea could bridge the gap between those who have and those who have not.

Watch this 3 minute video documenting the Bridging origin story: Founder Fran sits down with long-time friend of Bridging, B.T. Turner, to explain how it all began!

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