The Volunteers Have Spoken! 2019 Individual Survey Results Are In

05/14/2019 by Rebecca Toews

Thank you to the 352 volunteers who completed Bridging’s 2019 volunteer satisfaction survey last month. This annual survey is a vital tool that our organization uses to ensure the program has a welcoming and respectful environment every day for the volunteers, clients and donors.


  • 710 active individual volunteers were invited to participate – 50% responded
  • All ages responded; from age 14 – 90+
    • 48% of which were ages 65-74 years old
    • 73% of the responses were from volunteers who were “retired and not working”
  • 83% of respondents rated Bridging as an “excellent” experience
    • We’ve ranged from 81-86% in the last 5 years!
  • 90% feel they “are welcomed, treated with respect and thanked by the Bridging team!”
  • 93.77% said “a simple smile or thank you from the staff” is the most important “perk” to them

Over the next month, the Bridging Team will be digesting the results and reviewing the full survey report to identify areas for improvement, celebrate what is working and plan for our future. One of our favorite questions to dig in to is “Do you have an easy, creative, ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ idea on how to improve Bridging?” – always a fun read!

One of the best places to start our review is with the 259 comments about “what’s your favorite think about volunteering at Bridging?” – here are just a few that warmed our hearts!

  • Seeing the smiles and pure joy on the clients’ faces at the end of shopping. It is like their hope for the future is strengthened.
  • The satisfaction of extending the life of a piece of furniture that can improve the home environment of a client.
  • The feeling that all of us are working together to support the mission and the clients we serve. Positive interactions amongst the volunteers and staff are lively and respectful.
  • The fact that I know what I do is making a difference in the lives of every client that walks into our doors. I also love the enthusiasm that prevails among staff & volunteers. It keeps me coming back each & every week!


Thank you to the best volunteers ever!

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