What does a couch mean to you?

09/06/2019 by Rebecca Toews

by Lee Phillips, Community Relations Associate

For me, my couch is a place where I immediately go when I get home. Sometimes I sit and catch up with my family to find out how their days went. I have a 5 and an 8 year old… we have lots to talk about. Other times I may lie on an ice pack (back issues), and read a book or the paper. In the morning I wake up and spend some quiet time alone getting ready for my day, and sometimes the cat joins me for a little scratch behind the ears. I also nap on our couch frequently, (because of my back problems?) there is nothing like a 15 or a 120 minute “power nap!” Bedtime stories are frequently read on our couch. And who hasn’t built a cushion fort?

Our couch isn’t fancy, we bought it online and had to assemble it ourselves, but it is one of the most comfortable places in our home. It is a favorite gathering spot. When our friends or family come to visit, we naturally gravitate to the living room to sit and visit… where???

On the couch of course!

What if you didn’t have a couch?

Sure, you could have other places to sit– chairs, stools, or boxes… but many clients who come through Bridging tell of the  honor it was to invite others over after first receiving their furniture.

“Now I can have people over to visit, and they have a place to sit.”

To be a host again and feel a sense of dignity is one of the greatest feelings we hope our clients receive. That means each week, we need to have enough living room furniture to seat 280 people! That’s a lot of couches, loveseats and upholstered chairs!

Some of my favorite parts about shopping with our clients at Bridging happens in the sofa section. Seeing how excited they get about the variety of our selection– From vintage to modern, from floral to multi-colored, we seem to have something for everyone! I love seeing the smiles of joy and relief that their new homes will be furnished.

When you donate your couch, or whatever household goods and furniture you have to Bridging, think about all things you’ve enjoyed and maybe even taken for granted, and then think about all the joy and relief you are going to provide a family or person as they start their new home.

That’s what we mean by “FURNISHING HOMES WITH HOPE”!

What Does Bridging Accept?

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