What does it mean to FURNISH HOMES WITH HOPE?

12/19/2018 by Mark Wilkening

At Bridging, We Furnish Homes with Hope!

But what does it really mean to, “Furnish Homes with Hope?” I think this is best answered by hearing directly from those whom we are privileged to serve (our clients). We call these powerful testimonials The Lives We Touch stories.

What does Furnish Homes with Hope mean?

It is the anticipation of a new beginning for a single parent and her children…

I have an appointment this morning at 10:30 a.m. I wanted to tell you thank you very much for this opportunity for me and my children. My babies’ father was shot and killed at our home during a mental health crisis, me and my girls have really struggled since. My daughters are excited to get a different start. Again it means a lot to my family. Have a nice day.

It is collecting quality furniture and household goods from wonderful supporters in the community so we can offer a complete, basic home set up to ~4,500 households annually. From empty house to a home full of hope, including a bed for a child to “hug.”

My middle daughter got a really, really super nice memory foam twin mattress. She hugs it – like no one else can sleep on it. She loves it… So going from having nothing to a good night sleep and furniture in the living room together around as a family, a kitchen table to eat at and sit together is amazing.

It is allowing our clients to personally pick out the items as they are guided by two, volunteer, personal shoppers.

Oh, wow, it made my life easier. It was joyful. The feeling that I got from these people (the Bridging Team) really uplifted me. And I’m not just saying this, they really made you feel like they were a part of your family. That was important to me.

It means treating our clients with dignity and respect throughout the entire process, from when they first enter our facility until their items are in their home.

It made me feel complete. It made me feel like my own person. It made me feel at ease, like with my depression and anxiety and stuff. It was like a whole totally different atmosphere. It was worth waking up to enjoy the next day type of thing. That’s kind of sad to say, but that’s how I feel. It was because I had things like a normal person would have. 

It was worth waking up to enjoy the next day. That, my friends, is HOPE. That is what it means to FURNISH HOMES WITH HOPE.

We often say at Bridging that we are one step in the journey for those whom we are privileged to serve. We are truly grateful for your partnership in that important work and that you have joined us for that journey.

May you all enjoy a wonderful holiday season knowing that you play a very critical role in furnishing thousands of homes with hope in our Twin Cities Community every year.

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