The Lives We Touch: William D.’s Story

11/18/2017 by Rebecca Toews

Five years ago, William D. was living in a neighbor’s lawnmower garage in LA after suffering debilitating seizures following a car crash. When his sister told him he should move up to Minnesota, he came looking for a better life.

“Things were going a little better, for me,” says William. “but then my landlord found out I was HIV positive; he kicked me out of my apartment. He said he didn’t want sick people living in his house. I fought it, but he turned off the heat, and the house became full of mice.When it rained, it was like a waterfall going down the walls of the house.”

After a year of homelessness and a year without furniture, William D. was referred to Bridging through MAPS, a Twin Cities agency that helps people living with HIV and AIDS.

“A person’s smile can hide a lot of pain… So many people don’t realize that the stuff they have could be someone else’s treasure… I am so happy to be able to have this furniture.”

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