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Spring is a special time in Minnesota— a time for new life, and second chances. This is particularly felt at Bridging, when our warehouses are bustling with the opportunity to give furniture and household goods a second life for families in need.

Among the thousands of families we are grateful to serve, we see the opportunity for hope and second chances. Michelle tells one such story. Eight years ago, she became sober. After treatment and nearly a year in a halfway house, she moved into sober living and got her 11-year-old daughter back.

“Bridging meant everything to us— it really made all the difference in the world. It’s the little things that many may find insignificant that make it feel like a home… After all these years, I have kept the dishes and one piece of furniture that Bridging gave to me. I keep them to remind me of how far I have come.”

Please help us furnish more homes with hope by providing a financial gift today. Thank you for supporting Bridging’s mission!

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